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Taking time to make an estate plan can greatly assist your family when you pass away. Proper estate planning can help ensure that your intentions and goals are carried out in the simplest and most cost-efficient manner following your death. Learn why a will or trust may save your family time and money!

Once you pass away, probate is the set of legal procedures for transferring your assets to your beneficiaries or heirs. The type of procedure needed depends on whether adequate planning was done, the size of the estate, whether there was a will, whether there was a surviving spouse, the makeup of your family, whether there are debts of the estate, and many other factors. Find out how Crane Law Firm can help you navigate the probate process.


Whether a special needs child is turning 18 or an elderly parent is dealing with dementia, there are times when adults need guardians due to mental or physical incapacity. It’s important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure the guardianship reflects the best interests of your loved one. Discover more about how this important tool can help you care for those you love. Guardianship services are currently limited to Ellis County.

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