Legal guardianship is an important tool for ensuring your loved ones receive the care you want them to receive – for your peace of mind as well as for their own. Guardianship plans can be established for minor children as well as adult children with special needs, and it can also play an important role in elder care.

What is a legal guardianship?

Legal guardianship assigns one individual (or two if they are parents of the proposed ward) the legal responsibility to make decisions for another individual, either because that individual is too young to enter legal agreements or because he/she is incapable of doing so.

Minor Children

Appointing a guardian for minor children in the event of your death is an important part of making sure your child receives the care and guidance you deem appropriate.

Elder Care

Guardianship of an aging parent or other aging loved one allows the guardian to make decisions about his/her loved one’s medical care, finances and other lifestyle decisions, including legal matters.

The process of establishing and enforcing guardianships varies considerably depending on the type of guardianship and other factors. No matter what type of guardianship you’re interested in, it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure the guardianship reflects the best interests of your loved one as well as your own wishes. The Crane Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients in Midlothian, Texas, and throughout Ellis, Johnson, Tarrant, and Dallas Counties handle all sorts of guardianship issues. To learn more about guardianships and how they can help you and your loved ones, contact us today.